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Unified software for Fiber, Cable and 5G access
Introducing Sentinel's Open Standards Edge Platform (OSEP),
the first extensible, open standards-driven solution for creating and managing service ecosystems on CPEs.
Broaden your strategic options
Closed-source firmware restrict the ability to modify CPE software. OSEP's open standards, OpenWrt-based platform empowers you to build and update firmware anytime to address current issues, optimization areas and feature requirements.
Create a services ecosystem that sets you apart
Modern consumers require more than connectivity. OSEP provides the tools to provision, isolate, monitor and manage CPE services so that you can start building your unique ecosystem of consumer and enterprise-grade CPE services.
Leverage transparency, security and expert support
The only way to ensure your CPEs run secure software is to have complete access to it. We equip your team with the source code and know-how to build OSEP firmware images and support you with integrating your custom requirements into the solution.
Empower end users to shape their broadband experience
OSEP allows your customers to control the features that run on their devices by browsing and installing different CPE services directly from the OSEP Web UI.
Engage users with OSEP's UX
CPE Web UIs are often unintuitive and complex for the average user. OSEP delivers a modern and sleek Web UI centered on simple installation and management of value-added CPE services.
Designed for telecoms & ISPs
Designed by embedded Linux experts
OSEP Technologies

OSEP Platform
The OSEP Platform is aligned with the latest stable OpenWrt version, often referred to as mainline OpenWrt. On top, the OSEP Platform provides an overarching configuration system to speed up and simplify generating firmware images for supported hardware.

Network Edge Technologies
OSEP provides a robust set of open standards and proprietary technologies to monitor, analyze, manage and upgrade service-based ecosystems on network edge devices.

Services Ecosystem
OSEP delivers a growing base of premium services while facilitating telecoms and ISPs to collaborate with market leaders and enhance their ecosystems with diverse third-party services.
We partner with leading companies from ODM, OEM, IoT, edge networking and security domains to deliver high-end services to the CPE space.
Unlock the potential of CPE devices