The Device

Integrated all in one solution


Next Generation Router with Cutting Edge Security Implementation

The Router / CPE

Cutting Edge Router Technology built with both end user and telecom in mind


Enterprise grade security finally on the consumer market

The only fully integrated, turn-key Single Point Security and Internet Access solution

Affordable industrial strength solution designed for connecting, monitoring and protecting of Internet enabled devices, protocols they use and services you enjoy in your Household and/or Small Business

Designed for both telecoms and end users.

  • Compatible with Telecom–wide infrastructure

  • Turn-key solution, easily deployable into existing environments

  • Support for industry standards including CWMP and NETCONF/YANG

  • Complete remote device management solution

  • New Revenue stream for Telecom

  • Open architecture for future revenue-generating services

  • Third-party application ready

The experience

Stunningly simple and easy-to-use interface.

Your data and that of your customers is under attack right now.

Over 90 million attacks per year

There are 80-90 million cybersecurity incidents per year and the number is growing. Every minute 400 new threats emerge and up to 70% of attacks pass undetected. All companies are being hit: finance & insurance is the most targeted sector, followed by ICT and manufacturing.

$575bn damage from cybercrime

Cybercrime costs the average US company a record $12.7mn in 2014 and the global economy up to $575bn. Cyberattacks are the #1 source of economic attacks against governments and of IP thefts in corporations.